Thursday 27 June 2013

Making Kodak Vest Pocket Special work again

Short photo-story about Kodak Vest Pocket Special I've got at a huge expense of 1 EUR and restored to perfectly working condition:

Original tick seal leather has gone, a lot of corrosion on aluminium cast body:

"Kodak" plate a bit rusty but still keeps its glory

Original film spool for film type 127 (8!!! frames 6.5x4 cm)

List of patents inside the camera:

Exposimeter below the front lens:)

Side by side with Olympus OM-1:

Back side. T-shaped door to write comments on a back of film protective paper (Exif prototype :)):

With new leather  coat:

Actually lens itself (Anastigmat 85/5.6) is very interesting. Front glass can be unscrewed converting anastigmat to a monocle.

Some pictures taken with the camera:

Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland

With front lens unscrewed. Dublin, Ireland

Rear lens glass mounted on my digital Canon 40D works very well as a dreamy monocle:

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