Saturday 20 March 2021

Making XY-LPWM display serial port friendly

Popular PWM generator XY-LPWM has a small, but heavily packed LCD display:

driven by Holtek HT1621 LCD Controller, driven by Nuvoton N76E003 - 8051 based MCU.

This MCU runs on 16 MHz internal RC oscillator and provides 18 KB Flash ROM, 1 KB SRAM, 18 I/O pins supporting two UARTs, SPI , I2C, 6 channel PWM and high resolution 12-bit 8 channel ADC. Sounds very interesting to hack into.

Unfortunately out of box only Keil and IAR supported as development tools. But with Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) happily compiling for 8051 MCUs for years it can be fixed quite easily.

So here it is: Nuvoton N76E003 SDCC BSP.

With this BSP it is quite easy to make XY-LPWM display serial port friendly, just compile and upload xy-lpwm-lcd example, connect the board to UART at 38400 baud and type

 > lcd @0GoodByte

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